Free Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS (aka DynDNS or DDNS) is a way to stay connected when it isn’t possible for your home or work internet connection to have a static IP address

An app is installed on a computer/server on the network which continuously checks for changes – A genius idea which we’ve made even simpler!

Common uses include:

  • Hosting your own website or email server at home
  • Remote access to your computer or security systems
  • Running a public game server from your computer

…and much more!

Search terms:

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We get it, there are already dynamic DNS services out there, what makes KODNS different?

Our custom app and unique setup process has been designed so you can get started in seconds, you don’t need to jump through hoops waiting for verification emails, we don’t want to know your name, date of birth or when you last brushed your teeth, we don’t even want your to spam you with news letters so you can keep your email address to yourself – sorry spam lovers – we just want you to take it easy and do what you came here to do – set up a dynamic DNS address, no faff!

With a super speedy platform built upon anycast DNS servers, plus rechecks from as little as 5 minutes you won’t even notice your IP address has changed!

Here’s how it works…

  • Download our app and run it
  • Generate a Setup ID and enter it into the app
  • Choose a hostname via the app
  • Continue saving the world

Wait, rewind a little, you don’t want to know everything about me? Nope! Our setup process is all done via a temporary 9 digit ID and doesn’t involve a username or password – which you’ll probably forget anyway – you can optionally specify an email address in the event that you reinstall the app on another computer without backing up your config file first, but that’s it!

Dynamic DNS with no faff, that’s what we’re all about!



Latest release:
KODNS Client v0.1
Size: 32.5KB / Built: 24 ‎August ‎2018, ‏‎12:33:18


Compatible with Windows XP / Server 2003 and above
Requires .NET framework 4.0 or above

All set?

See our Getting Started doc


Useful Docs


Do I need to be a super hero to be part of KODNS?

No… but it would be cool!

How much does it cost?

Nothing at all! – There will be a premium tier available in the future to support adding custom domains and other cool stuff, but there will always be a free DNS service available!

Why don’t you need a username and password?

Because that’s faff! – Our uniqiue setup process means you can get up and running in seconds with no stress

Will my hostname ever be deleted?

If you actively use it then no – If you don’t push an update to your hostname within 90 days it will be released into the wild making it available for registration again

What happens if I change computers?

As we don’t use a traditional username and password system you would need to backup your configuration file first

I have a new computer and didn’t backup my config HELP!

Providing you specified an optional recovery email address then there is hope

Is there support for third party routers or custom scripts?

Yep! See our API docs

Do you support IPv6?

Almost – We’re not ready to roll out support just yet, but it will be an option in future!

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