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Do I need to be a super hero to be part of KODNS?

No… but it would be cool!

How much does it cost?

Nothing at all! – There will be a premium tier available in the future to support adding custom domains and other cool stuff, but there will always be a free DNS service available!

Why don’t you need a username and password?

Because that’s faff! – Our uniqiue setup process means you can get up and running in seconds with no stress

Will my hostname ever be deleted?

If you actively use it then no – If you don’t push an update to your hostname within 90 days it will be released into the wild making it available for registration again

What happens if I change computers?

As we don’t use a traditional username and password system you would need to backup your configuration file first

I have a new computer and didn’t backup my config HELP!

Providing you specified an optional recovery email address then there is hope

Is there support for third party routers or custom scripts?

Yep! See our API docs

Do you support IPv6?

Almost – We’re not ready to roll out support just yet, but it will be an option in future!

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